Yazmin Valdivia

Case Manager

Yazmin Valdivia has been in the legal field for 4 years now and has loved it ever since. Yazmin finds law to be very interesting, as she believes it is grounds for never ending knowledge.

The legal field has helped her better understand the human behavior and its surrounding environment. Being actively involved in the legal field, Yazmin has also expanded her social networking skills and maintained a productive mindset.

Her position here at Kristof Law Group is to actively monitor and manage pre-litigation cases. Most importantly, her goal and intention is to provide excellent customer service. She finds joy in helping her team fight for justice and shed some light into each individual case. Yazmin is exceptionally organized, and a detail-oriented individual who enjoys the busy setting in the office.

Yazmin believes that organization is key, as it increases the productivity and helps create an easy flow of communication between her teammates, her clients, and herself. At the end of the day, it is her goal to help keep her clients happy and for them to have an excellent legal experience. She gives a hoot!

Aside from working in the legal field, Yazmin is very passionate in art, music, and helping her community by contributing to important causes and supporting local organizations. She is described to be a very caring, artsy, and outgoing person. In her spare time, she enjoys creating unique, one-of-a-kind pottery pieces. She creates mugs, bowls, plates, pots, literally – anything, out of clay.

She is an artist who you may find vending at local pop-ups here in Las Vegas. When she is not creating, she is attending concerts enjoying the thrill and experience of live music. Her playlist consists of Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Pop Punk, Metalcore, and more.

Yazmin is currently enrolled in college, pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. She hopes to be skilled and excel in the world of technology, specifically when it comes to creating art. Even with her busy and crazy life, she is always reminded (and has been so grateful) that she gets to do what she loves due to DACA.

Yazmin is a proud #DREAMER and is eternally thankful for all the amazing opportunities that have come along her way. It has been a constant memorable journey for her, and it all begins with Kristof Law Group.

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