Anahi Martinez

Claims Manager

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Anahi has grown to be ultimately passionate about the legal field and fighting for people’s rights. Anahi has spent roughly 4 to 5 years in the personal injury field analyzing different cases, learning, and expanding her knowledge in any and all ways possible to better serve her clients and adapt to any obstacles she may be faced with.

Anahi specializes in Kristof Law Group’s claims department, assuring everything is flowing smoothly. Anahi makes sure Kristof Law Groups’ clients get the attention and care they deserve, from day one until the day they walk out of the office with the maximum compensation they deserve.

Anahi attended UNLV and was placed on the Dean’s list for her academic excellence. She is hard working and disciplined. She can be described as a multi-tasker and goal driven. Her most significant goal at Kristof Law Group is providing clients with comfort, trust, and stellar service.

Above all, Anahi’s goal is to attend clients’ needs and help them. Anahi knows by firsthand the struggles of dealing with rude insurance adjusters that don’t want to help, or the people out in the road after a crash that become aggressive.

Unfortunately, many people try to take advantage of others in situations like these. Anahi, however, has grown to be passionate about these situations and fight back for those people.

Being with Kristof Law Group, Anahi has found a team she can build and grow with. Together their focus and priority are always the clients and monitoring their cases every step of the way.

Outside of the office, Anahi enjoys spending time with family, anything horror, and anything green and dirty. Lover of anything nature. Anahi is fond of gardening and spending time out in nature whether it be hiking, trailing, camping, or simply appreciating earth in all its raw forms. Anahi is also actively involved in supporting local and out of the country relief fund causes.

Anahi is a firm believer of doing good & spreading kindness.