Why We Do What We Do

You won’t see us on TV or billboards. You won’t hear us on the radio. We don’t take every case that comes through our door. Our goal is not to be the biggest firm in Nevada. Our goal is to help those who are legitimately injured because someone didn’t follow the safety rules we are all expected to live by.

When you are hurt because a driver wasn’t paying attention or a store employee spilled something on the floor and didn’t clean it up, the odds are stacked against you. The insurance company is going to do everything it can to make sure you get nothing- or as close to nothing as possible.

They generally have no interest in making things right. They say you weren’t hurt, or that you weren’t hurt as badly as you say you were.

They tell you that the health that was taken from you isn’t worth all that much. Sometimes they even blame you. They say “you did this on purpose” or “you set this crash up- this is fraud.” They make settlement offers that they would never think were fair if it was their own claim. This is, sadly, the plain and simple truth.

It’s infuriating to see good, hard working, innocent people taken advantage of. And, that is why we do what we do- to make sure that doesn’t happen. We level the playing field and try to make things right. We do our best to hold the insurance companies accountable. That means accepting responsibility AND taking accountability for the damages its insured caused.

We do what we do because it’s about fairness and making sure good, hard working people aren’t taken advantage of because they don’t have the resources to fight back on their own.

What we do isn’t easy. It can be frustrating. It can take time. But we try and do it the right way with honor, integrity, and your best interest in the forefront. We do it when there is a legitimate and righteous claim to be made. We are not mercenaries. We are crusaders for a just cause and to ensure fairness.

If you have been hurt and need help, give us a call. Let us level the playing field for you.