Recent Settlements For Our Clients
Achieved a full policy limit settlement for our client…

Client had been turned down by a number of other lawyers because he was found at fault for causing the collision. We reviewed the case and did our own independent investigation. We took the case and convinced the insurance company that their insured was at fault. We achieved a full policy limit settlement for our client.

Citation was wrongly given to our clients…

A mother and daughter were injured when a driver ran a red light. The insurance company for the at fault party denied the claim because our client had been found “at fault” by the insurance company. We investigated the claim and requested the body worn camera video from the police. It was clear the citation was wrongly given to our clients. The insurance company for the at fault driver reconsidered their denial and reversed its decision. It settled by giving us the entire policy limits.

Client was hit by a car pulling out of a shopping center…

A client was riding his bike the wrong way against traffic. He was hit by a car pulling out of a shopping center parking lot. Our client was dropped by his prior big firm lawyers when they found out he was cited for riding the wrong way against traffic. We investigated the case and found that even though our client was riding against traffic, the driver who hit him failed to make sure it was clear for him to merge into traffic. The insurance company reversed its denial of the claim and paid the full policy limits.

We obtained a settlement for our client in excess of $800,000…

Our young client was rear ended while in a large work truck. There was no visible damage to his truck even though the car that him had significant damage. Three months later our client was rear ended again. His prior attorney settled the second claim for easy money- and in doing so put the client’s first claim at risk. The insurance company for the first case argued any significant injury was due to the second crash and that since there was no property damage to our client’s truck from the first crash he couldn’t have been severely hurt. We retained medical experts to review the case who agreed our client was severely hurt in the first crash. The Defendants’ expert said our client wasn’t hurt. At mediation we obtained a settlement for our client and his spouse in excess of $800,000.

Our client was the victim of medical negligence…

Our client was the victim of medical negligence. Given the caps on damages and the very high defense verdict rate (over 80%) at trial, many lawyers won’t take these cases. We met with client and even though the odds weren’t in our favor, we wanted to help. We retained experts to review the case. They both agreed her doctor was negligent in causing significant injury. After trying to settle, the insurance company forced our hand and we filed suit. The case eventually settled for approximately $1,000,000.

Our client’s partner was killed in a trucking collision…

He was on the job driving for a large trucking company based out of Texas. He lived in New Mexico. His employer’s insurance company indicated to the family that Texas doesn’t require worker’s compensation insurance and that the company wasn’t insured. Technically, this was correct. To top it off, the driver that caused the crash didn’t have insurance. The company didn’t carry underinsured motorist coverage on its trucking policy. I spoke with a prominent trucking law lawyer in Texas to consult on the case. He indicted there was nothing that could be done.

Something in our gut told us something wasn’t right. We weren’t going to let this go without investigating every angle. Turns out our gut was right. The insurance company wasn’t telling the whole story. Turns out the company had an office in New Mexico and carried a New Mexico workers’ compensation policy that applied in this instance. With the assistance of an amazing New Mexico attorney, George Weeth, we were able to timely get a complaint filed. The insurance company had no choice but to admit its “mistake” in not disclosing the New Mexico policy. The family will now receive everything they were entitled to under the insurance policy.

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