We aren’t a large firm. We don’t necessarily desire to be. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t and don’t make a difference. I liken us a bit to the story of the young boy and the starfish which goes something like this:

A young boy goes for a walk on the beach. There are thousands and thousands of starfish stranded on the beach. The tide has receded much further down the beach than it normally does. The sun has risen and it is getting hot. The starfish will most certainly dry out and die.

The young boy picks up one of the starfish, walks to the edge of water, and throws the starfish into the water. An old man sees this, and walks up to the boy. He chides the boy: “Why even bother? Do you see all of these starfish. You can’t make a difference.” The young boy responds: “Well, maybe I can’t make a difference to all of them, but I made a difference to that one.”

Our small firm was able, and so very proud, to hopefully make a difference to three very deserving students from the Clark County School District with an academic scholarship. We had planned to offer one scholarship, but the three finalists were so impressive, that we found a way to help all three. The winners were: Braydon Bond, Ann Margaret De Guzman, and J.D. Coching.

All three of them are impressive young men and women who not only had outstanding academic credentials, but were also active in their communities. They were also nice, polite, well-mannered young adults. We have no doubt they will continue to excel and will greatly contribute to our community in the years to come.

We believe we can all make a difference, big or small, in the lives of the people of our community. And we are so proud to try and make that difference not only for our clients, but for outstanding young adults like Braydon, Ann Margaret, and J.D.