Hello again. I hope everyone who is reading this (and even those who aren’t) are well!

I imagine we have all hear stories about those who try to manipulate the system by bringing false or exaggerated claims. Although in my experience it is very rare, sometimes people exaggerate their injuries. Sometimes they set up crashes on purposes to make false claims. I wish that didn’t happen, but it does. When it does, as a responsible attorney and officer of the Court I immediately drop those cases. They have no place in our system of justice. Fortunately, I can count on one hand the number of times in 27 years I fired a client because after doing some digging something just didn’t add up.

I recently saw a story on the interweb about a woman in Ireland. She was in a car crash in 2017. She was claiming debilitating injuries that prevented her from working. She was seeking close to $1,000,000 Euros for her injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The full story can be read here:

The insurance company did some digging, which makes sense given the amount of money at issue. Its digging turned up that the “injured party” won, and I am not making this up, a Christmas tree tossing competition in 2018. This woman, who was claiming she could not work due to debilitating injury, threw a Christmas tree further than any other participant, or at least any other participant in her category.

Now, we need to keep some context here. Does the fact someone is significantly injured mean they can’t do anything? Of course not. Does it mean they shouldn’t try to push themselves and live as normal a life as possible? Not in the least. In fact, almost all doctors will agree that it can be beneficial for an injured person, both mentally and physically, to try and get back to doing their day to day activities. To stay as active and mobile and engaged as they can. Doing so isn’t inconsistent with having significant injury. However, trying to argue you can’t work, but you are well enough to have the winning toss in a Christmas tree tossing contest just seems internally inconsistent. Again, it is important to keep this in context. I have had clients who were certainly significantly injured and required invasive spinal surgeries. After their crash and before surgery they worked, they tried to be active with their children, they went on vacation. Those are not necessarily inconsistent with significant injury.

I will never represent a client who is trying to perpetrate a fraud on the system. Ever. No personal injury attorney with a shred of dignity or who honors what we try to do would. It is cases like this that keep honest, hard working people like you who are legitimately injured from getting full justice for their harms and losses. And it is these hard working men and women like you who become the real victims of these false, exaggerated claims.

Thank for reading. Until next time, stay safe.