That is overstating it a bit. There are advertisements for other types of lawyers (immigration, domestic relations i.e. divorce). But the vast majority are for personal injury.

The reason we see personal injury lawyers advertise and not lawyers or law firms who defend those that have violated a safety rule and caused injury is this: Those lawyers either work directly for the at fault person’s insurance company or were chosen by the at fault party’s insurance company. They don’t need to advertise because their business is coming from their employer (insurance company) or from their long-established client (again, the insurance company). You will never see a billboard or hear an ad that says, “caused a wreck but don’t want to write a check?” Why? Because the insurance company already is sending these lawyers its business.

So, this is why you don’t see personal injury defense lawyers advertise. The bottom line is they don’t need to. They are being fed their clients by the insurance company that is controlling the case for the person they have insured and has caused the crash and injured the innocent victim.

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