When I finally decided (or more accurately marshalled the courage) to open my own firm I wanted a symbol that was unique. Something that had some real meaning. It seems like everyone uses the scales of justice, a gavel, lady justice, a courthouse or some other symbol uniquely associated with the law. I get it. Those are easily recognizable as symbols of law and justice.

So, I thought about it. A lot. What would be a symbol that speaks to the type of lawyer I aspire to be every day? A symbol of the type of representation I’ll work to provide my clients. A symbol that was unique, like I hoped my law firm would be. I’ve always endeavored to be a wise counselor for my clients and have prided myself in being able to objectively see the strengths and weaknesses of my client’s case as well as the strengths and weaknesses of what we are facing from the defense. Then it hit me:

The owl.

The owl is a universal symbol for wisdom. The owl has 270 degrees of rotation in its neck meaning that between turning left and right it can see everything in front of it, to its sides, and behind it. It can see where best to attack and when it needs to defend from an attack. It is a symbol for both wisdom and vision- both attributes I sincerely try to utilize as I navigate my client’s case to the best possible outcome.

There you have it. This is why Kristof Law Group is proud to have the owl as its symbol. I hope it serves as a comforting symbol to our clients about the values we bring to each case, to the insurance companies and their attorneys about the adversary they are facing, and as a reminder to us about the values which form the foundation of our firm.